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Is infertility only a problem for women?

Approximately 40% of infertility challenges are the result of female-specific factors and 40% is due to male factors. The remaining 20% of cases are either a result of both partners or for unknown reasons. Consequently, when seeking help, both male and female partners should be evaluated.

Can sugar substitutes interfere with conception?

No data exists that has shown that overall usage of sugar substitutes is better than the possible negative effects of sugar. Natural sweeteners like fructose and stevia, maltitol and xylitol may be used in moderate amounts.

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Infertility is as likely to be caused by a male factor as a female factor. Female related problems account for 40% of infertility and male related problems for another 40% . Combined female and male problems account for 10%. Unexplained causes account for the remaining 10% of infertility.

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Our Approach

Our unit is dedicated to providing the best possible treatment for each individual in a sympathetic and caring environment. We also aim to provide as much support as possible for couples whose treatment may not be successful. Our goal is to make you an active, informed and empowered patient.
Yes, our goal is to achieve excellent success rates in IVF/ICSi cycles and to conduct research in ART and are dedicated to giving superior clinical expertise and achieving excellence.
However we believe in broadening the definition of success in IVF treatment to not just "conception" as the end point of success